Model Wind Energy By-law

In 2008, LJM Environmental Law & Consulting was engaged by Jacques Whitford Environment Limited to assist them with the development of the Model Wind Turbine By-laws and Best Practices for Nova Scotia Municipalities. The project was undertaken on behalf of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities.

The resulting comprehensive Report includes a review of potential wind turbine impacts (i.e. noise, bird mortality, oil spills), approaches to wind turbine generation, options for policy approaches and by-laws, and conclusions on the role of a model by-law.

LJM Environmental Law & Policy prepared the Model By-law. The Model By-law serves as a general guideline to municipalities drafting a Land Use By-law (LUB) for Wind Energy or amending an existing LUB to incorporate wind energy. The provisions of the Model By-law illustrate the variety of options available within the framework of the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

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