Resource Materials

LJM Environmental Law & Consulting designs guidance materials on general and specific environmental law topics as part of training sessions or as stand-alone documents. Guides on specific environmental statutes or regulations provide users with a clear and concise reference to the interpretation of an environmental law. Guides may include real case law and practical examples.

LJM Environmental Law & Consulting has provided guidance documents and resource materials to many of our clients over the years, including

  • Guidebooks on federal and provincial environmental legislation in Canada
  • The New Brunswick Environmental Law Handbook, 2000
  • Concise Answers to Legal Questions on Environment and Land-use (for Agriculture)
  • Primer documents on environmental law topics and regulations.
  • Monthly and bi-monthly newsletters on legal issues related to the environment and a particular business.

The format and means of delivery are designed specifically to meet the client’s needs. We have designed one-page summary sheets and briefing notes that cover specific regulations and legal topics. We have also designed integrated guidance documents that cover regulations and include references to industry standards, case law and practical examples.

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