Environmental Liability

Sessions on environmental liability can cover a range of topics including an overview of key environmental statutes, the role of due diligence and the application of environmental management systems to reduce environmental liability. We have designed and delivered workshops and sessions to provincial and federal government departments, professional associations, lending institutions, insurance companies, utility companies and other industries.

The focus of a session on environmental liability will be based on the needs of the client.

For example:

A session focusing on liability for directors and senior management may be relevant to officers and directors, municipal councilors, and others who have an ability to influence environmental decision-making directly or through control of human and financial resources.

A session on environmental liability and regulatory compliance could provide an overview of the statutes and regulations relevant to a particular industry and explore the various approvals, certificates, and other regulatory instruments that may be required to ensure compliance.

A session on environmental liability in the banking or insurance sectors would address approaches to reducing the potential for loss or claims by examining how the law plays a role in determining what activities are high risk and what actions may be taken to reduce those risks.

Understanding liability for contaminated sites would consider the regulatory framework for identifying, managing and remediating contaminated sites. Consultants, property managers, owners and lawyers dealing with contaminated land can benefit from a clear understanding of the laws dealing with persons responsible for contaminated sites.

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