Inspections and Investigations

Any industry, business or organization holding an approval under a federal or provincial environmental law may be the subject of an inspection. In many instances, inspection powers go further to cover any activity that may cause an adverse effect to the environment. Environmental laws provide broad powers to inspectors and require owners, operators, managers and others to give reasonable assistance to those inspectors.

A course on inspections and investigations includes topics such as the powers of inspectors, the differences between an inspection and investigation and role of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in an environmental investigation.

A full three day course, such as the one led by Lisa through Dalhousie Continuing Technical Education includes the development of a policy on inspections and investigations and a checklist to use when the inspector arrives at the door.

Outline for a 2-3 day course on inspections and investigations:

  • The foundation for inspections and investigations
  • Enforcement and Compliance
  • Inspections
  • The Powers and Responsibilities of the Inspector
  • Developing a checklist and corporate policy on inspections
  • Investigations
  • Searches
  • Interviews and Cooperation
  • Q & A session with a federal and provincial enforcement officers
  • Investigations and Prosecutions
  • Defending Environmental Prosecutions

    LJM Environmental Law & Consulting can also provide in-house and industry-specific sessions.
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