Compliance Strategies

A clear and relevant environmental policy is the keystone of an environmental management system (EMS). The policy must be set by the senior decision-makers of the organization to ensure that the commitment is recognized and supported at every level.

Understanding how environmental laws apply to your activities is a fundamental part of an EMS. A culture of compliance can be encouraged by a statement in the environmental policy, and enacted through a solid compliance strategy.

Environmental Management Systems can provide many benefits that reach beyond legal requirements; however identifying and understanding regulatory obligations lays the foundation for all the other elements of the EMS.

At LJM Environmental Law & Consulting we work with our clients to make the important connection between their EMS and due diligence. We assist our clients to ensure that their EMS includes a compliance strategy that will meet or exceed due diligence requirements.

We will also develop manuals, policies and procedures to support the compliance aspects of the Environmental Management System and perform compliance audits to identify gaps and ensure that an established EMS continues to meet regulatory requirements.

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