Environmental Law and Agriculture

LJM Environmental Law & Consulting has a long and proud record of working with the agricultural sector. We have provided legal advice, training, resource materials, presentations and analysis on a wide-range of environmental topics that affect agriculture. In 1996, we teamed with Jacques Whitford Environment Limited to undertake a famer consultation on the implementation of the Nova Scotia Environmental Farm Plan. In 1997, we teamed with Pro-Agri Consulting to deliver the first round of environmental farm plan workshops in Nova Scotia. This work laid the foundation for the development of environmental management systems for agricultural operations.

LJM Environmental Law & Consulting has continued to provide support and expertise to agriculture by providing on-going resource materials and information sessions to address agri-environmental legal questions. In 2003 we completed a legal analysis on the potential risks of the Environmental Farm Plan program and a review of the legal and policy incentives for sustainability in the agricultural sector.

In our most recent initiative we are working with the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture to update legal resource materials http://www.nsfa-fane.ca/Environment_and_Land_Use on their website and to deliver a series of presentations to Nova Scotia farmers in the Fall of 2009.

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